Managing Director: Mr. Abdullah Abdul Mohsen Al Otaibi

Mr. Abdullah Abdul Mohsen Al Otaibi is the visionary Founder and Managing Director of Abdullah Al Ruwais Al Otaibi Trading Services Est. Mr. Abdullah has been leading the company since its inception in Saudi Arabia in 1991, and has grown it into the Establishment that currently expands across 5 countries. His role has been instrumental in the Establishment, and includes setting corporate strategy, overseeing strategic initiatives, identifying new market and geographies to operate in.



Sales & Marketing Executives

Abdullah Al Ruwais Al Otaibi Trading Services are staffed by a team of experienced multi-national sales force, supported by associate offices in Germany, Italy, USA, UK & India. We undertake the vital role of representing principles in trading activities to meet the requirements of our clients in various sectors of the Middle East market.

Under the dynamic leadership of its visionary entrepreneurs, Abdullah Al Ruwais Al Otaibi Trading Services is today one of the leading trading services establishment in the GCC operating out of several different countries across the globe. The Establishment's success over the years is primarily attributed to the Management’s ability to take maximum advantage of the market dynamics and by capitalizing on Establishment's strengths in:


Retaining skilled employees

Maintaining our dominance in technological expertise

Capitalizing on key partnerships with renowned    manufacturers

Delivering world-class products to its customers