General Purpose Single Phase

Drip proof, Totally Enclosed, Explosion proof, Class I and II

General Purpose Three Phase

Drip proof, Totally Enclosed

Explosion Proof Motor

— Hazardous Duty, Division 1 Explosion Proof, Class I and II

— Hazardous Duty, Division 2/Zone 2 Totally Enclosed, ClassI

HVAC Motor (Air Moving)

Aeration Fan, Attic Fan, Centrifugal Fan, Circulator Pump, Condenser Fan/Heat Pump, Exhaust Ventilator, Fan & Blower, Furnace Blower, Oil Burner, Pedistal Fan, Refrigeration Fan, Transformer Cooling Fan, Unit Heater Fan

Air Compressor

Automotive Duty, Car Wash, Cooling Tower, Instant Reversing, Kiln Duty, Multi-speed, Oil Well Pump, Pressure Washer

Pump Motors (Fluid Handling)

Carbonator Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Circulator Pump, Close Coupled Pump, Hydraulic Pump, Fire Pump, Jet Pump, Oil Well Pump, Sump Pump, Vertical Solid Shaft


Marine Motors, Medium Voltage Motor, AC Variable Speed Motor, Permanent Magnet DC Motor, IEC Metric Motor, Brakemotors (Single & Three Phase), Farm Duty/ Agricultural Motor, OEM Replacement Motor, Washdown-Painted & Stainless Steel, Low Voltage-Safe Area (Single Phase, Aluminum Motors, Cast Iron Motors), Low Voltage-Hazardous Area (Flameproof, Premium Efficiency, Non Sparking, Dust Ignition Proof), High Voltage-Safe & Hazardous Area