Air Compressor

Small Reciprocating Air Compressor, Rotary Contact-Cooled Air Compressors, Rotary Oil-Free Air Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors, PET Blow Molding Air Compressors, Compressed Air Treatment, Compressed Air Controls & Automation

Air Motor

Direct and Geared Drive Piston Motors, Direct Drive Multi-Vane Air Motors, In-Line Planetary Gear, Multi-Vane Air Motors, Milling & Sawing Motors, Specialty Governed Motors, Spur Gear, Multi-Vane Air Motors.


Air-Cooled Chillers, Water-Cooled Chillers, Compressor Chillers, Ancillary Chiller Water Plant Equipment, Absorption Liquid Chillers.


Rooftop Systems, Split Systems, Self-Contained Systems, Water Source Heat Pumps, Variable Air Volume, Dedicated Air Solution.

Air Handling Systems

Performance Air Handlers, Make-up Air Gas Heating Systems, Air Handler Options, Air Cleaning Options

Terminal Devices

Unit Heaters, Unit Ventilators, Blower Coil Air Handlers, Fan Coil Units, Ventilation Fans

Ductless Solutions

Variable Refrigerant Flow, Single Zone Systems, Multi-Flow Systems, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, Ductless Controls, Convertible Air Handlers

HVAC Equipment Controls

Airside Controllers, Chiller Controllers, Wireless Comm, General Controllers, Variable Frequency Drives, Light Commercial Controllers.


Programmable Thermostats, Non-Programmable Thermostats, Touch-Screen Thermostats, Communicating Thermostats


Wireless Zone Sensors, CO2 Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Combination Temperature and Humidity Sensors


HVAC-Heating & Cooling (Pleated Air Filters, Filter For LEED Credits, Filter Media Frames & Housing, High Efficiency Pocket & Rigid Filters- Cell Filters, V-Belts, Coil Cleaners & Degreasers, Air Monitoring Devices, Energy Saving Filters)
Equipment Protection (Metal Mesh Filters, Disposable Mesh Filters, Cleanable Polyester Filters, Washable Foam Filters, Intake Mounting Filters, Carbon Air Filter Panels, Custom Engineered Solutions)
HEPA & Clean Room (Industrial HEPA filters, HEPA & ULPA Panel Filters, Terminal Modules, Permanent Gel Seal Housing, Replacement Panels for OEM Modules, Fan-Powered HEPA Filter Unit)
Industrial (Mist & Dust Collection Filters & Systems, Coolant & Mist Separation, Cartridge Filter Elements, Gas Turbine Intake Filters, OEM Replacement Filters, After-Filter Housing, Liquid Processed Filters, Custom Engineered Solutions)
Phase & Odor (Bulk Carbon Products, Speciality Absorbents, Extended-Surface Filters, VOC (Volatile Organic Products) Elimination, Activated Carbon Media, Carbon Panel Filters, Trays & Housings, Acid Gas Removers)
Paint & Booth (Cross Draft Intake Filters, PA/560-g10 Ceiling Diffusion Media Blankets, Floor Media Rolls, Pocket & Cube Filters, EPA 319 Approved Filters for Aerospace, Frames, Housing and Booth Hardware, Safety & Protective Products)
Dust & Fume Extraction (Premium Nano-Fiber Or Alternate Media Options, Elements for Static & Pulse Clean Systems, OEM Systems, Cartridge Style or Panel Filter Configurations, Bags for most OEM Replacements)