Fluid Transfer, Motion Control and Processing Solutions

Welding & Industrial Hoses

Welding Hose, Air/Multi-Purpose, Aviation Hose, Bulk-Transfer, Chemical Fire, Food Handling, Fracking/Rotary Drilling, LPG Hose, Marine Hose, Material Handling, Petroleum/Bio-Fuel, Special Application, Steam Hose, Water

Hydraulic Hoses

Braided Hose, Spiral Hose, Thermoplastic Hose, Specialty Hose, Low/Medium/High Pressure (Single Wire to six wire braids) Elastomeric Hydraulic & Pneumatic Hose, Low Pressure Push Lock Hose (for fuel and similar media), Air Conditioning and Refrigerant Hoses, Nylon/PCC Recoil Tubing (for brake), Poly Flex Ultra High Pressure Hose (for water jetting, tube cleaning-from 40 to 600 PSI Water Pressure)

Hydraulic Couplings

Braided Hydraulic Hose Couplings, W Series Spiral or Braided Hose Couplings, JJ Couplings, WHP Couplings, PTFE Couplings, R% Couplings, R4 Couplings, R7 Couplings, Refrigerant Beadlock Couplings, Plug-In Couplings 6W Ultra High Pressure Non-Skive Couplings, Push Loc Hose Coupling, WHP Couplings, Quick Release Couplings

Hoses & Fittings

Hoses-(Size Range: 1/8” to 8” ) Air Hoses, Water Hoses, Acid & Chemical Hoses, Fire & Mill Hoses, Food Handling Hoses, Material Handling Hoses, Petroleum Hoses, Steam Hoses, Welding Hoses, Water Blast Hoses, Sand Blasting Hoses, Suction/Discharge Hoses, Non-Conductive Hoses, Large Bore hand built oil suction and Discharge Hoses, Reinforced PVC industrial Hoses, Wire reinforced PVC Hoses, Polyurethane PVC Hoses, Un-reinforced PVC Hoses, Nylon Tubes, Food quality PVC Hoses, Antistatic PVC Hoses, Impregnated Fiber Glass Ducting Hoses, Wire Reinforced Ducting and Ventilation Hoses, PVC Suction & Discharge Hoses, PVC Vacuum Hoses, PVC Flat Delivery Hoses, PVC Coolant Hoses. Hose Fittings- Single Piece Hydraulic Hose Fittings, Steel/Brass/Stainless Steel/Reusable Fittings, Stainless Steel/Brass Adaptors, Triple Lock Fittings, Instant Fittings, Hose Barb Fittings


Power Transmission Belts

Cogged & Open End, Metric

Conveyor Belting

Agricultural, Baggage Handling, Food & Light Industrial


Aviation, Cleaning/Leaf Suction, Custom, Industrial Ventilation Sewer, Vacuum

Automotive Hoses

Heater, Coolant, Fuel Line Hoses